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Here’s an example:*
Chart with examples of current debt, current payment, and loan payment.
*Example for illustrative purposes only. Estimations used were determined
through Bankrate.com’s loan consolidation calculator with minimum credit
card payments of 4% of existing outstanding balances and a loan with a
60-month term and 5.5% APR.
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While you take care of your financial priorities,
we’re here to take care of you. Turn to Priority
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You are already pre-approved for up to $100,000
at a rate as low as 5.49%. Use the funds to cover
some expenses or pay off high-rate debts to free
up some of your monthly budget.

True to our values and 15+ combined years of experience,
we provide a helping hand when it matters most.
With a simple application process, approval within
hours, and funding within two days, you could
quickly get the loan you need and peace of mind
you deserve.
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